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Shooting, launching, bashing, slashing, charging, sneaking, guarding, distracting and killing.
That pretty much sums up most of the more violent video games that are out at the moment with a few exceptions that I'll focus on shortly. However what if I was to say that these games can positively influence people if they are played in an optimistic manner.

Team work, clear helpful communication, respect, consideration and sacrifice are some of the attributes I have learned and choose to apply when playing games like Left for Dead or Counter Strike GO. Playing as part of a team instead of being a lone wolf every single match can definently make the game feel very different with an even better feeling of accomplishment knowing that by working together you have won the match! Additionally with a well formed team working together and communicating efficiently there is not much that will stand in its way, with the exception of multiple tanks.

So how would this attitude then start to influence real life? Not going on much more than my own opinion I have grown up with a variety of these games. Ive found having good communication builds better bonds with friends and family, joining the volenteer emergency services to help the community and learning new life skills and finally keeping the workplace in a constant teamwork feel to help get things done faster and better than alone. Not bad for something you can take away from some violent video games.

Although there are always the people who are not team players and sometimes ruin it for everyone else. We call them the griefers, hackers, douchebags, campers* or any other number of profanity names you can make under the sun. These people might not have ever tried working in a team or maybe they prefer gaining attention from the wrong reasons. It all comes down to a persons individual personality and how they choose to apply that when playing games or in real life. Now you guys and girls might be thinking why should I be polite and try reaching out and working together with people in video games? Why not? What is holding you back from doing something positive that could even make that other persons day just having another player watching their back. Granted in some instances having the more annoying players can help others band together against them or standing up for each other with verbal abuse. As I see it with some games you have the choice to work together and be a successful team, with some older and especially with some newer games coming out you are automatically given teams to work with. However just being on the same team with people you just met doesn't automatically make all participants great at working together or being the least bit considerate about some of the aforementioned points. If each team member understands their roles and responsibilities then you will certainly have a very effective team.

This is just some of my opinion and views about how people play online right now. With more co-operative games coming out where players have to work together effectively will we see people communicating, respecting, being considerate, being a team player or even sacrificing their own characters lives for another? Or will we perhapse continue to be doomed by insensitive profanity filled commentaries, friendly fire, teams of players spread out to be constantly picked off one by one, will everyone continue strive to be the last man or woman standing?

What are some peoples experiences of dick moves or the more rare instance of a true hero in games or real life?


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Repeatedly strive for virtue. Especially when victory cannot be seen from the shadows.

Delays by unfathomable legions of darkness, icy mountains and blood filled oceans; continue advancing towards redemption.

When limbs are wounded, torso freezing, all weighed down by blood that is not your own and lungs struggling to breathe the perilous air; keep seeking an Archangel ready to rescue you from your torments and isolation.

Virtue thrives under oppression if you continue to combat the injustice and hardships.

Virtue Thrives Under Oppression.

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